Wednesday, July 07, 2004

With translator Ali Abbass, driver Hassan Abdul Razak, June 30, 2003 (photo by Carl Juste).

Baghdad International Airport approach Oct. 10, 2003.

Covering Sunni-Shia unity demonstration in Kadhimiya (photo by Carl Juste).

Celebrating the Dec. 14, 2003 announcement of the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Baha'a, one of our translators, interviews a victim of the Baya'a Police Station bombing in October 2003.

Just south of Mosul, a patrol known as the Sheikh Force tries to guard against sabotage to pipelines and electricity networks. January 2004.

Erbil province from a 101st Airborne Division Blackhawk helicopter. January 2004.

Tombs stretch into the distance at the ancient Najaf Cemetery, reportedly the largest in the Middle East, and where most Shia hope to be buried.

Beda'a Habem squats in the home of a former Republican Guard soldier; when he came back for his property, she turned him in to nearby US soldiers.